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Baoji titanium enterprise welfare: science and innovation version listed, won government awards

The Science and Technology Innovation Board was announced by President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) on November 5, 2018. It is a new board independent of the existing main board market, and the registration system will be piloted in this board. The establishment of the science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system is a major reform measure of the capital market to enhance the ability of serving science and technology innovation enterprises, enhance market inclusiveness and strengthen market functions.

In order to implement the major deployment of the CPC Central Committee and state council on the capital market reform, seize the establishment of pilot kechuang board and registered in Shanghai stock exchange system reform opportunity, baoji government issued by the baoji innovation drive several policies and measures of the leading high quality development, "the notice (treasure do word [2021] no. 6), the file points out: We will encourage science and technology enterprises to list on the main board, the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the New Third Board for financing. In baoji registered and listed in shenzhen stock exchange and Shanghai for the first time, the new listed into the "new three board", in the regional equity trading market for science and technology enterprises, respectively, 500000 yuan (previous work), 300000 yuan (subsidies of 200000 yuan, after a successful listing financing allowance RMB 100000) and 100000 yuan (listed) after one-time subsidies.

Ti home and Shaanxi Lingyi enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd. jointly provide services for enterprise science and innovation board listing.

1. The company shall have patents (1 invention /3 utility models /3 Copyrights) or be recognized as a small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise/high-tech enterprise if one of the above requirements is satisfied.

Ii. Materials to be provided include: business license of the enterprise, financial statement of the previous year, research and development of the enterprise, information of the person in charge of the enterprise and enterprise profile, etc.

Iii. Declaration service: Shaanxi Lingyi Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd. provides declaration service for enterprises.

Iv. Declaration fee: Pre-listing service is free.

Five, listing benefits: 1, to provide enterprise publicity and promotion; 2. Government award support (Baoji City award of 100,000 yuan); 3. Improve the platform for enterprise financing and obtaining further support.

Six, after listing, only need to upgrade the annual report of the enterprise without other costs.

Service quota: 10 persons

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