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2021 "Titanium Era • Enjoy the Future" Titanium material Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition project is being recruited nationwide

It is a tourist city, a city of health and recreation, and an important vanadium and titanium industry base

As the largest titanium concentrate supply base in China, it provides 90% of the titanium concentrate in the domestic market

It is the only city in China named after a flower - Panzhihua

Panzhihua, with vanadium and titanium industry out of the circle, has recently made new moves, the second session of "titanium" metal materials as the theme of the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition is about to open!

If you dare to accept the challenge, want to show yourself, like to make friends, and also engaged in titanium material research and development, manufacturing, processing and service related projects, what are you waiting for, now register!

To further promote innovation-driven and high-quality development, speed up the construction of panzhihua Experimental zone for innovation and development of strategic resources, vigorously cultivate Panzhihua titanium material high-end industry, and strive to build a world-class vanadium and titanium industry base. Closely promote the linkage development of the "three circles", attract titanium related enterprises and institutions and high-tech projects to Panzhihua to carry out exchanges and cooperation in key areas such as bio-medical, aerospace and other fields, promote the in-depth integration of innovation chain and industry chain, and vigorously enhance the new development momentum.

Competition topic

Focus on titanium to cultivate new kinetic energy

Organization of competition

The organizer

People's government of Panzhihua City

To undertake unit

Panzhihua Science and Technology Bureau

Panzhihua Economic Cooperation Bureau

Panzhihua East District people's government

National Technology Transfer Center of Sichuan University

The co-organizer

National Technical Committee on Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium titanium Magnetite of Standardization Administration

State Food and Drug Administration Medical Device Supervision and Scientific Research Base (Sichuan University)

Strategic alliance of industrial technology innovation for comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources

Panzhihua (national) Vanadium and titanium Technology Incubator

Panzhihua East Olympic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Support unit

Chinese Society of Biomaterials

Panzhihua Rural Commercial Bank Co. LTD

Perform unit

Edification Star (Panzhihua) Incubator

Field and project requirements

1. New technologies, products, processes and production lines for the preparation and processing of titanium metal materials are the main fields of competition;

2. The applicants should be enterprises, institutions, research institutes and teams engaged in r&d, manufacturing, processing and service of titanium metal materials;

3. Projects that have won the award of 2020 "Titanium Era · Create the Future" National Titanium Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition are not allowed to participate in principle;

4. The projects should comply with national laws and regulations, national industrial policies and business norms, and have a good social reputation with no bad record and do not infringe any third party intellectual property rights;

5. The project must be completed in strict accordance with the requirements and submit the business plan (including relevant supporting materials), which is an important basis for evaluation.

Competition process

Competition registration: from now on - November 26th

The participating companies (teams) shall log in to http://tsd.pzhkct.cn/?about_42 for unified registration and fill in relevant information completely, accurately and truthfully according to the registration requirements on the official website, and shall be responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information filled in.

The main contents of the business plan shall include:

(1) Project introduction;

(2) Technical maturity and innovation;

(3) Market and competition analysis;

(4) Economic analysis of the project;

(5) Business model and business development plan;

(6) Business risks and countermeasures;

(7) Enterprise (team) management mode;

(8) Investment and financing needs, etc.

Qualification and preliminary competition: November 27-30

(1) The organizing Committee will review and confirm the shortlisted units and projects. The registration materials submitted by the participating enterprises (teams) will be checked for qualification, and the qualified enterprises (teams) will be informed by SMS, phone, email, etc.

(2) Preliminary competition. Venue: Chengdu judges will select 20 outstanding projects according to the score ranking and enter the final through meeting evaluation and scoring.

Finals: early December

Location: Panzhihua

Adopt on-site 10+10 mode (10 minutes for road show and 10 minutes for defense), and the top 10 projects will be the winning projects. The evaluation criteria mainly include: technology and products, business model and implementation plan, industry and market, team, financial analysis, etc., and special attention is paid to the innovation synergy of the participating enterprises (teams) with the market and Sichuan.

Prize Presentation: Final day

Location: Panzhihua

Investment promotion and docking: during the competition and within three months after the final

Participants: enterprises (teams), participating project units, investment and financing institutions.

Awards and prize money Settings

Grand Prize 1 Prize 300,000 Yuan (vacant)

The first prize is 200,000 yuan

The second prize is 100,000 yuan for the two winners

The third prize is 50,000 yuan

The prize of 20,000 yuan is awarded to 3 winners of excellence

Sign up channel

The site was


Registration consulting

The contact

17781777273 Chen

Yang Xiao 18048430854