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Titanium Tube




Material: TA1 titanium tube TA2 Titanium tube TC4 Titanium tube TA10 Titanium tube titanium pipe (TC4, Gr5, 3AL2.5V, GR9).

Titanium tube size: diameter 4mm- 133mm length 3000mm or more.

Thickness: 0.5 mm - 10 mm

Execution standard: GB/T 3625-2007, ASTM B 337/338, ASTM B 861, GB/T 2965-2007, ASTM B348

Features: low density, high melting point, strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength, good compression performance.

TC4 titanium alloy tubes produced by our company are divided into two categories: titanium alloy seamless tube and titanium alloy welded tube. The wall thickness below 4MM is basically titanium alloy welded pipe. If the customer needs titanium alloy seamless pipe below 4MM, it is basically titanium rod drilling, lathe turning, and more than one car process than 4MM titanium alloy seamless pipe. Now the TC4 titanium alloy seamless tube, because the process is basically titanium rod drilling, so the cost is very high, and the length is very short (about 1M).

Raw material manufacturing: sponge titanium vacuum melting 2 times, 3 times titanium ingot.

Processing technology: hydraulic press square forging bar, perforated processing tube billet, hot rolling or extrusion molding.

Detection: ultrasonic detection, water pressure test, no cracks, slag, porosity and other defects.

Origin: Baoji City, Tiangu, China

Supplier: Shaanxi Kaber Non-ferrous Metal Co., LTD

Packing: wooden case, woven bag, pearl cotton, bubble pad, carton, etc

Delivery: domestic delivery, single weight more than 50 kg logistics: Deppon, Aneng, Kanglong, Huayu, Jiaji and so on. Rail express is also available.

Small express delivery: Zto, Huitong, YTO, Yunda, SF express, etc.