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Molybdenum Discs




Molybdenum and various alloy materials:

Brand: 361,364, MO1, TZM, MLa

Standard: ASTM B386-91, GB/T3876-83

Purity: 99.95% or higher

Specifications: thickness 0.1 minimum, width 680 maximum, length 3000 maximum.

Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, alkali washing, shearing.

Construction period: customized delivery within 20 days

And we can according to customer requirements size sample processing, to map processing.

Main molybdenum products:

High temperature slab, molybdenum plates, molybdenum molybdenum plates, molybdenum bars, molybdenum electrode, molybdenum wire, molybdenum plates, molybdenum foils, molybdenum pole, molybdenum circular flange, molybdenum, molybdenum, molybdenum, molybdenum adjustment bolts, molybdenum, molybdenum molybdenum molybdenum molybdenum screw, nut, washer, capillary, molybdenum boat, molybdenum flat-bottomed boat, butterfly molybdenum boat, fold the deformed molybdenum boat, molybdenum boat, molybdenum crucible, molybdenum sintered standard parts, molybdenum crucible, molybdenum special-shaped pieces, molybdenum, molybdenum target plane target material, Molybdenum rotating target, molybdenum spring, molybdenum funnel, Molybdenum component, molybdenum vacuum furnace accessories, molybdenum coating target, molybdenum guide port, molybdenum heating belt, molybdenum heat insulation screen, molybdenum heavy hammer, Molybdenum guide barrel, Molybdenum heating body, molybdenum socket, molybdenum heater, molybdenum hook, molybdenum head, molybdenum funnel, molybdenum jig, molybdenum filament hanging tube,

In vacuum furnace, molybdenum products, molybdenum seed crystal chuck, molybdenum sputtering target, molybdenum calumnium alloy, molybdenum blank, molybdenum cup, molybdenum belt, molybdenum grain, molybdenum cover, molybdenum bracket, molybdenum ingot, molybdenum alloy, TZM molybdenum products, molybdenum lanthanum alloy products; TZM Molybdenum, molybdenum lanthanum alloy products, molybdenum products, molybdenum alloy products, molybdenum processing parts, molybdenum alloy processing parts.

Origin: Baoji City, Tiangu, China

Supplier: Shaanxi Kaber Non-ferrous Metal Co., LTD

Delivery: single weight more than 50 kg logistics: Deppon, Aneng, Kanglong, Huayu, Jiaji and so on. Rail express is also available.

Small express delivery: Zto, Huitong, YTO, Yunda, SF express, etc.

Packing: wooden case, woven bag, pearl cotton, bubble pad, carton, etc.